Agriculture Multispectral Analysis

Drones are an exciting new technology that is changing how farmers manage their irrigation and crops and could eventually become as ubiquitous as tractors. Our drones can capture information not visible to the naked eye, using software and a multispectral camera, we can define regions, calculate the index that works best with your crop and generates accurate classifications and prescriptions to help you understand and manage your field better.

Agriculture Photography

Images are converted into accurate index maps, like NDVI, and orthomosaics of your fields, giving you vital information for quick response, better yields and operational efficiency. We collect data that can be used to determine if crops have enough water or find leaks in irrigation systems. Let us show you how precision agriculture, which incorporates geospatial data to micro-target fields for better growth, could show you an ROI of $2.00- 3.00 per acre in your crop yield.

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