Construction Analysis and Monitoring

Our pilots will give you the capacity to analyze and monitor construction sites as they progress. Using georeferenced orthomosaics and elevation data from our UAVs will allow you to view the as-built situation of your site for up-to-date measurements and continued analysis, as well as volumetric measurements for more efficient earthwork management. All of the outputs are compatible with BIM and CAD software. As more firms use this technology, the software and equipment are becoming more industry specific and complex. Our capabilities are pacing with the industry.

Construction Photography

In this market of complex bidding processes and tighter margins, the use of drones can make your firm more profitable and efficient. The use of UAVs in the construction industry is an emerging technology. Site planning and progress reporting are just the tip of the iceberg. Our 12 -24 MP still photos will give you a new perspective on the site and allow you to plan more efficiently. This technology enables the stage evolution of construction sites to be documented, something hardly possible before. Integration of our services into your firm will be that competitive edge you want.

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